Age Coordinator Policy

Age coordinators are responsible for determining the number of teams in an age group, recommended team placement within the division system, and choosing the coach and the players for each team. A team director operates in a given age group for a given sex, for example, U12.


Age coordinators make final team and player placement decisions based on personal observation of players at practices and games, coach evaluations, and feedback from professionally run tryouts.


Team Construction

For 11 v 11 teams, roster sizes must comply with the rules concerning eligible teams, which limits the roster size to 18 players. Roster sizes must also comply with rules, which limit non eligible teams to 22 players.

The ASC will do its best to place all registered players on teams each season but may have to create waiting lists based on number of registrants in a particular age group.

In the event that a waiting list is necessary players will be accommodated for team placement in order of registration.


Coach Selection

Players are placed based on ability and never on the quality or availability of their parents as coaches. Coach selection occurs after players have been assigned to teams.