Practice Policy

Admin Soccer Club’s mission is primarily developmental, not competitive. The Club seeks to help its players develop their soccer skills, their love for the game, their teamwork and sportsmanship and their character. The Club believes that attendance at practice is a vital component to such development. Playing time in games should be seen as a reward for hard work in practice and a chance to try out developmental lessons learned in practice.


Admin Soccer Club also recognizes that its players appropriately play other sports and enjoy other activities beyond soccer. Conflicts with soccer practice may arise, and the Club is committed to working with players to enable them to enjoy multiple sports/activities.


The Club expects players to attend a minimum of one practice per week if they wish to play for a Club team. Without this commitment, players miss an important part of the Soccer Club development experience. They also prevent a player from a different team taking advantage of that experience, and they make it more difficult for their coach to plan and for their teammates to enjoy productive practices.


If a player is able to foresee a practice conflict BEFORE registering for a soccer season, and knows that he/she will not be able to make one practice per week, the Club expects that player to skip that soccer season. There will be no placement penalty in future seasons for a player who skips a soccer season and is able to satisfy the practice requirement in future seasons. In other words, the placement of that player in future seasons will be based on the standard Club criteria including a) coach evaluations, b) Team Director input and c) tryout results.